SAY Communications Manager

Type: Full Time Deadline: 0 months, 16 days
Category: Communications & Journalism Location: Morogoro
Other Categories: Business Consultant ,
Job Level: Advisory

Roles and Responsibilities

 Project inception and set-up

  • Undertake detailed training in social accountability, Gender Equality & Social Inclusion (GESI). Community Integrity Building (CIB) and Monitoring, Accountability, Assessment and Learning (MEAL) from the organization and Integrity Action staff
  • Work closely with the Programme Manager
    • to attend planning meetings with project partners and LGAs
    • to develop training literature, materials so that the DevCheck software can be adapted to suit the project context
    • to provide occasional translation services for key documentation so that training materials and software are suitable to the target groups

Campaign Management and Implementation

  • Write, design and implement the SAY Communications and Campaign Strategy
    • During the project inception phase, write the SAY Communications and Campaign Strategy
    • Based on the results of the formative research undertaken, develop a youth-driven and GESI-sensitive campaign is for 15 SCCs and 5 national society members to promote the replication of youth-led community monitoring at scale across 3 regions
    • Based on DevCheck / project training and guidance materials, create a toolkit for youth-led community monitoring which will be printed and made available online
    • Campaign (including social media) messaging updated annually according to up to date key learnings / project successes (actively targeting groups at risk of exclusion and tailoring communication to groups at risk)
    • Plan and run three campaign briefing meetings utilising GESI- campaign guidance for 15 SCCs and 5 national youth society members (one per region)
    • Design and implement the SAY social media campaign
    • Articles/ radio broadcasts developed by 15 SCCs and 5 national society members to publicise successes of the CIB model across 3 regions
    • Organise peer to peer youth events delivered by 15 SCCs and 5 national society members in 30 additional communities to enthuse and motivate youth to establish autonomous monitoring in their home communities, using the toolkit
    • Agreement secured from at least one campaign champion to take part in campaign media and/ or related events at the community-level
    • Run 24 Joint Monitoring Visits to project communities for journalists, youth networks (for onward messaging), DPOs, women's groups, neighbouring community youth and leaders are facilitated by SCCs and JWGs annually in each project district
    • Write annual key learning reports and disseminate to CMs, SCCs, YCCs, village leaders, youth networks, DPOs, women's groups and key ward and district staff
    • Work with JWGs to write 3 annual key learning reports, disseminated 8 JWGs among regional secretariats, district authorities, local leadership, civil society networks, secretariats at key initiatives, journalists, donors
  • Work with the Programme Manager:
    • to make GESI-sensitive refinements to approach and materials for the SAY approach by young women and men (YCCs and CMs) based on results of formative research
    • to facilitate 895 inter-monitors' meetings in 8 districts (bi-annual meetings for years 2 and 3, one in year 4) at accessible locations and GESI sensitive times (through Project Officers)
    • to design systems and practices for the sharing of information between authorities, implementing actors and communities established or strengthened by JWGs in 179 communities
    • to organise and run 24 Joint Monitoring Visits to project communities for 3 regional and at least 8 district authorities, and development agencies are facilitated by 8 JWGs in 8 districts

Training and support

  • Work with 3 Project Officers to train 35 Youth Cluster Coordinators (YCCs) and 15 SAY Campaign Coordinators (SCCs), ensuring 50% female participation
    • Key area 1: SDGs, the national development context, social inclusion and gender equality (GESI session) their rights and responsibilities, relevant laws including the access to information act, leadership, social networks
    • Key area 2: baseline setting, formative research, local institutions and their functioning, and community awareness campaigning skills for social accountability
    • Key area 3: Community Integrity Building (CIB) process and the skills needed to train and support community monitors
  • Work with 35 YCCs and 15 SCCs
    • to train 358 community monitors in CIB role, responsibilities and expectations (training to be GESI sensitive and remove barriers to participation), and how to articulate and communicate these issues
  • Give ongoing support to 35 Youth Cluster Coordinators (YCCs) and 15 SAY Campaign Coordinators (SCCs) throughout the duration of the project


Community Integrity Building - Implementation

  • Work with Project Officers to train and support 35 YCCs and 15 SCCs:
    • to lead 358 meetings with community leaders in 179 communities to enthuse local leadership on self-sustaining and autonomous monitoring
    • to ensure design meets contextual needs, identifies gender and disability-specific barriers to participation, supports behaviour change best practice and informs community awareness events and pan-district campaigns
    • to run 179 events to communicate the monitors' approaches to gathering community member's feedback in 179 communities led by 358 CMs
  • Support Project Officers to work with 35 YCCs and 15 SCCs
    • To deliver 179 CIB and GESI-sensitive awareness events for young women and men, people with disabilities and the wider community living in 179 villages to encourage young women and men and people with disabilities to sign up as monitors, and community support
    • To establish 179 Joint Working Groups including YCCs and CMs (with membership of young women and people with disabilities) implementing actors, authorities and formal or informal associations representing the socially excluded (e.g. DPOs and women's groups)
    • To run bi-annual JWG meetings between monitors, citizens, contractors and govt officials in 179 communities, at accessible locations and GESI sensitive times
    • To support 358 CMs in 179 communities to upload findings relating to projects to DevCheck by (YCCs to provide support to enable semi-illiterate/ tech-illiterate to participate)
    • To support YCCs, CMs and JWGs in assessing findings
    • To organise and run 358 community events to (A) communicate JWGs' agreed solutions to integrity problems identified and (B) to publicly recognise and celebrate the difference young women and men are making as CMs

Other responsibilities

  • Attend regular organisational meetings and contribute to the overall operations of the organisation
  • Support senior staff to monitor and report on the implementation of agreed plans
  • Take part in other activities as requested
  • Undertake other tasks and projects as requested by the Line Manager
  • Positively contribute to programme strategy
  • Contribute to regular review and revision of budgets and financial reports

Experience Requirements


  • A proven track record and strong experience in working in campaigns and/or communications
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in a role related to campaigns and/or communications (preferably at management level)
  • Educated to at least degree level, ideally with a recognised qualification in a related area
  • Be an enthusiastic and energetic role model who possesses a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Have a hands-on approach and be a consistent team player
  • Have well developed influencing, interpersonal, communication and networking skills with people and organisations from different social and cultural backgrounds
  • Be resilient and able to work well under pressure, prioritise a heavy workload and work both reactively and pro-actively
  • Ability to speak comfortably in font of large groups to deliver key messages
  • Experience of delivering high calibre service
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including presentation skills to a variety of audiences
  • Ability to work autonomously and take on responsibility without close supervision
  • A sound understanding of the organization’s work
  • Have excellent planning, processing, organisational and time management skills
  • Track record in management reporting and analysing data to identify and monitor trends
  • Well-developed project management skills involving a number of departments
  • Strong IT Skills (database, Microsoft Office suite)
  • Fluent in English and Swahili both verbal and written



  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of the youth sector and issues affecting young people
  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of sustainable development and environmental / development issues
  • Experience of motivating and managing volunteers
  • Experience of youth development training

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