Head of Credit

Type: Full Time Deadline: 0 months, 8 days
Category: Banking Location: Dar-es-Salaam
Other Categories: Management ,
Job Level: Senior Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

Key Performance Areas:

o Build a credit platform across the Rest of Africa geographies within the larger CIB & PBB Business

  • Organise, manage and develop teams in order to effectively execute a geographic mandate, albeit

    in concert with the greater Credit team;

  • Effectively manage the existing Corporate Credit portfolio and the pipeline of new transactions;

  • Co-ordinate and co-operate with resources globally to manage transactions and fulfil the Credit philosophy;

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of lending book;

  • Minimising credit losses by ensuring that there are adequate processes and systems in place to

    provide early detection of problematic/potential default accounts; and

  • Ensuring compliance with Credit policies and lending guidelines with appropriate adoption of same across the Rest of Africa geographies.

o Evaluation of credit applications:

  • Analysis of Corporate applications for facilities to assess the appropriateness of the credit risk

    relative to the profitability of the deal;

  • Effective provision of high-quality analyses, approvals and where necessary recommendations to higher authority; and

  • Effective sponsorship and presentation of applications to global Credit Committee, where required.

o Contribution to various forums/committees

  • Involvement in PSI, Watchlist and NPLs meetings relating to deals and names managed by the in- country Credit teams;

  • Involvement in various management forums and committees;

  • Ensuring adequate systems, policies, processes and procedures are in place to monitor and

    manage credit risk arising across the geography;

  • Participate in fora /committees around the development of a Credit strategy as appropriate; and

  • Acting as chairman to the in-country credit committee meeting where necessary.

o Ongoing Credit Management:

  • Ensuring effective excess management, with appropriate escalation where necessary;

  • Ensuring effective compliance management (monitoring of ongoing credit and legal compliance requirements);

  • Ensuring effective management around the overdue reviews and irregular accounts to a target of 5%;

  • Monitoring, questioning and understanding changes in the credit quality in any counterparty / industry falling within the portfolio;

  • Making recommendations to line management and committees/forums regarding industry trends and the implications for managing the credit risks of clients in the geography; and

  • Ongoing monitoring of risk grade (PD), recovery rate shifts and general trends.

  • Managing within sectoral and counterparty risk appetite and the identification and mitigation of concentrations.

  • Identifying when deep drills are required ensuring that deep drills are done to the required standard as and within required timelines

o Management reporting:

  • Keeping line management informed on material developments; and

  • Provide input into general Credit reports

o Team Leadership:

  • Leading the building of the team's competencies, team coherency and productivity;

  • Identifying and initiating personal development needs and learning experience, as well as business unit development/training needs.

  • Displaying appropriate people management skills designed to build the team, with a specific focus on the development of individual competencies, coaching and mentorship;

  • Change management facilitation as required;

  • Regularly reviewing team member's performance within the team and their training and

    development needs; and

  • Regularly reviewing team member's career plans and their own succession plans.

o Portfolio management:

  • Maximising the productivity of the team whilst minimising portfolio risk through active portfolio credit management and support/coaching on complex transactions;

  • Identifying and managing high risk accounts and undertaking the necessary corrective action when the risk profile threatens to become unacceptable;Involvement in accounts monitoring process where necessary; andEnsuring active and maintained co-ordination of stakeholders in the process to ensure all expectations are met.

    Success Indicators:

  • Co-operative relationships between the various internal contributors in the credit value chain;

  • Co-operative relationships with internal and external stakeholders;

  • Taking responsibility for the Credit Rest of Africa portfolio(s) across all Rest of Africa countries;

  • Creation and management of an accepted credit sector platform to enable the applicable business teams in the Bank’s chosen markets and products;

  • Having a sense of urgency in order to progress critical deals whilst minimising application backlogs and turnaround times;

  • High reliability of decisions made; and

  • Finding alternatives in order to make deals work (if possible) and in so doing, add value to the deal making process.

Educational Qualifications

  • An appropriate commerce post-graduate degree.

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of 5- 8 yeras of Experience in leading credit teams
  • Minimum 7-10 years strong decision making experience with regards to credit issues; and
  • Credit recovery experience is advantageous.
  • Good understanding of accounting (both management and financial accounting) to analyse financial strengths and weaknesses of clients and identify potential risks to credit proposals;
  • Thorough working knowledge of the Risk management systems monitoring, and its related procedures, for analysing the account behaviour of clients and identifying trends and shifts in credit risk profiles;
  • Thorough understanding of banks products and facilities that give rise to counterparty credit risk
  • Ability to undertake statistical analyses;
  • Understanding of Basel II and broader regulatory and Compliance requirements;
  • Well-developed knowledge of financial markets;
  • Thorough conceptual and practical knowledge of credit procedures, policies and standards; and
  • Knowledge of risk management systems and derivative instruments.

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